Wednesday, January 19, 2011

hawaii and other stuff...

ok so i suck at this whole blogging thing! please don't hate (not like anyone really reads this haha) anyways its a new year and im a new me! austin and i haven't been up to much. austin is back in school and im still working. if things go as planned we will be done in rexburg in july! YAY :) not like we are going far... as of right now we will be moving down to idaho falls. :) im pretty excited about it! (i know that its probably pathetic) anyways nothing much is new other than im just working on my new years resolutions. the list has gotten quite long but the top two are 1. to read the book of mormon from beginning to end. im sad to say that my testimony is lacking a little and i feel like a horrible person anymore. i have a lot to improve on and i feel like reading the book of mormon is one of the best places to start. i want to be a more positive person and more enjoyable to be around. i want to be happy and not let anything bother me. new years resolution number 2. i want to lose weight! (so original i know ha) i have become such a fat cow since austin and i got married. there are no excuses i just have horrible eating habits. i have started the p90x videos and the totally kick my butt! i still have a hard time giving up my carbs but its a work in progress right? i definately am doing way better than any of the other time i have tried this.

austin and i did go to hawaii in october and it was so nice to get away for a week. it was a very much needed vacation and we both came back with brand new attitudes! the went to the island of maui which is completely beautiful. we stayed in a hotel that was right on the beach and we also had a pool about 10 feet from our room. one of our favorite things was to go walking on the beach and laying in the hammocks when it got dark. we also loved the pina coladas!! so here are a few pictures :) aloha til next time!

lava flow :)

the best pineapple coconut ice cream ever!

the bamboo forest at hana

us at the hotel on day one!

the view of the ocean and the pool from our room

swimming in tide pools! :)

sweet banyan tree!

more bamboo forest

the waterfall we hiked through hana to see

the sweet bruise i got from falling down some cement steps (graceful right?)

this was the beach at a super nice restaurant

banyan tree in lahaina
(its all one tree! and it has like 12 different trunks or something crazy like that)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


WWWOOOWWW!!! Ok so it has been almost a year since i did this... thats pathetic!! probable no one reads this anyways but still haha :) so not much has change in mine and austin's life. Austin just got done with another semester of school and now only has 2 left... hopefully!! Life is going great for us right now! We are getting excited for the semester off and getting to spend more time with each other :) my birthday is coming up soon again and im going to be 21!!! oh thats crazy ha! i feel like im getting old but i know thats still so young!! We are going to be heading to HAWAII in october :) I just had to put that in there because we are so so so excited!! Almost 6 months ago my little sister in law got married!!! Ashey pooh marries Aaron Phillips on Feb 20, 2010 it was a good day :) Austin wants me to talk about him more in this blog... so for his birthday i got him the best present ever!! haha ok it wasn't that great it was the titleist pro v1 golf balls and money that he bought him some way nice irons with! It was like watching a little kid on his birthday :) completely awesome!! my family did that HCG diet and they all lost a ton of weight. They all look awesome :) i should actually stick to something like that :) Austin and i are coming up on a year and a half of being married!! it has gone by so so fast! crazy stuff! anyways i think thats all... nothing real fascinating and its kinda a bunch all random facts haha! next time it won't wait near as long to update and i promise i'll have pictures!! :) oh and one last think im totally a big fan of the shaytards on youtube. They are awesome and totally funny! :) check them out!!
- Candyce

Monday, August 31, 2009

Riot Zone :)

my cotton candy. YUM!


watch out haha

ready to get my game on!

Austin and I decided that we needed to have a night of competiton! So mini golf was probably the best thing we could find at the time. We had a total carefree night goofing off as you can most likely tell. Austin bragged that he would win (since he is the golf fanatic) but by the end i won by 3 shots!! He is still a little hurt over the situation but its ok ill go easy on him next time haha :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

4th of July

For the 4th of July austin and i made a trip down to utah to visit some family and get away. I got to go to my first baseball game :] it was really fun even though i almost got hit in the head with a foul ball!! It was pretty crazy. We also went to 7 Peaks and that was a blast!! We all totally fried ourselves but it was so worth it. Austin saw the stadium of fire for the first time and even though it wasnt near as good as normal it was still fun. Definately a trip we will make again!

Nikki eating her nachos (ask for more cheese haha)The Knight Family

Austin found a camaro and just had to take a picture

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lake Powell

This year was austin's first time at lake powell and we had a blast! He laughed at us all for being excited for the next year but as we were driving away guess what he said.... "i dont want to go home. next year is going to be so fun!!" haha. we really had a lot of fun going on the jet skis and seeing the ruins. his favorite was probably the indian drawing that was on one of the walls and yes they really drew it that way! It was really great to experience it together and we both are definately excited to do it again!