Thursday, July 22, 2010


WWWOOOWWW!!! Ok so it has been almost a year since i did this... thats pathetic!! probable no one reads this anyways but still haha :) so not much has change in mine and austin's life. Austin just got done with another semester of school and now only has 2 left... hopefully!! Life is going great for us right now! We are getting excited for the semester off and getting to spend more time with each other :) my birthday is coming up soon again and im going to be 21!!! oh thats crazy ha! i feel like im getting old but i know thats still so young!! We are going to be heading to HAWAII in october :) I just had to put that in there because we are so so so excited!! Almost 6 months ago my little sister in law got married!!! Ashey pooh marries Aaron Phillips on Feb 20, 2010 it was a good day :) Austin wants me to talk about him more in this blog... so for his birthday i got him the best present ever!! haha ok it wasn't that great it was the titleist pro v1 golf balls and money that he bought him some way nice irons with! It was like watching a little kid on his birthday :) completely awesome!! my family did that HCG diet and they all lost a ton of weight. They all look awesome :) i should actually stick to something like that :) Austin and i are coming up on a year and a half of being married!! it has gone by so so fast! crazy stuff! anyways i think thats all... nothing real fascinating and its kinda a bunch all random facts haha! next time it won't wait near as long to update and i promise i'll have pictures!! :) oh and one last think im totally a big fan of the shaytards on youtube. They are awesome and totally funny! :) check them out!!
- Candyce

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