Wednesday, January 19, 2011

hawaii and other stuff...

ok so i suck at this whole blogging thing! please don't hate (not like anyone really reads this haha) anyways its a new year and im a new me! austin and i haven't been up to much. austin is back in school and im still working. if things go as planned we will be done in rexburg in july! YAY :) not like we are going far... as of right now we will be moving down to idaho falls. :) im pretty excited about it! (i know that its probably pathetic) anyways nothing much is new other than im just working on my new years resolutions. the list has gotten quite long but the top two are 1. to read the book of mormon from beginning to end. im sad to say that my testimony is lacking a little and i feel like a horrible person anymore. i have a lot to improve on and i feel like reading the book of mormon is one of the best places to start. i want to be a more positive person and more enjoyable to be around. i want to be happy and not let anything bother me. new years resolution number 2. i want to lose weight! (so original i know ha) i have become such a fat cow since austin and i got married. there are no excuses i just have horrible eating habits. i have started the p90x videos and the totally kick my butt! i still have a hard time giving up my carbs but its a work in progress right? i definately am doing way better than any of the other time i have tried this.

austin and i did go to hawaii in october and it was so nice to get away for a week. it was a very much needed vacation and we both came back with brand new attitudes! the went to the island of maui which is completely beautiful. we stayed in a hotel that was right on the beach and we also had a pool about 10 feet from our room. one of our favorite things was to go walking on the beach and laying in the hammocks when it got dark. we also loved the pina coladas!! so here are a few pictures :) aloha til next time!

lava flow :)

the best pineapple coconut ice cream ever!

the bamboo forest at hana

us at the hotel on day one!

the view of the ocean and the pool from our room

swimming in tide pools! :)

sweet banyan tree!

more bamboo forest

the waterfall we hiked through hana to see

the sweet bruise i got from falling down some cement steps (graceful right?)

this was the beach at a super nice restaurant

banyan tree in lahaina
(its all one tree! and it has like 12 different trunks or something crazy like that)


  1. YAY! I love reading blogs and stalking people. I'm glad I can add you to my list now! haha... So glad I got to work with you today!!!

  2. What a fun trip! I am proud of you for your resolutions and I am behind you!! Good to see you last week!

  3. thanks kristen :) im glad i got to work with both of you!! i miss thursdays down there and im stoked we get to start working together again!